LG G4 Comentarios

  • por Anonymous
  • miércoles, 20 de enero de 2016

Terrific experience with phone and cutomer care

I bought a LG G4 and unfortunately for myself the phone had problem booting android and switching on. I immediately contacted the Customer Care via email and had simply a Terrific experience. They listened to my problems and activated soon to have the malfunctioning device shipped back to them (or refunded) and replaced by a Brand new one that arried just 2 days after. The Phone is an absolutely terrific android experience. A war machine on the go. Definitely a 5 stars for me.

  • por Anonymous
  • sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2015



  • por Anonymous
  • jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2015


Absolutely love my phone. Really easy to use.

  • por Warren G
  • martes, 15 de septiembre de 2015

Better than Samsung!

This phone is so quick to start and is a real joy to use, not loaded with the bloatware that you find with a Samsung phone and whilst it may not have the fancy screen of an S6 or S6 edge or its derivatives, it's still excellent. Where it smacks Samsung out of the ballpark is the fact you can expand the memory & I have installed a 128Gb card in mine to compliment the 32Gb internal memory, also you can install a replacement battery, which you can't do with the Samsung S6 range. Down sides are the keys on the back of the phone, but once you get used to them it simply becomes a great phone.

  • por mrdidit
  • lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2015

Fantastic phone!

Nice price with discounts. Fast delivery. Thanks god it is really the european version. Highly recommended!

  • por Anonymous
  • jueves, 03 de septiembre de 2015

Brilliant Quality at a Fantastic Price

Very low price for such great specs. The slight curve is very comfortable to hold and the phone performs very well. Happy I switched from Samsung to LG!

  • por Anonymous
  • miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2015


very nice phone and the camera is very good the phone feel very small even feels smaller than iPhone 6+

  • por PLeal
  • miércoles, 05 de agosto de 2015


Cumpre o que promete. Uma máquina!

  • por nstrudwick84
  • miércoles, 24 de junio de 2015

Best Phone Ever

Simply put, this is the best phone I've ever used. I have an extensive history of using both Android and iPhone's and can be very picky when it comes to my everyday phone. In the past I have had a phone and loved most of the handset but feel let down by a particular area of the device and I've then changed the phone to get a better solution to the problem. When I got the LG G4 I was at 1st a bit apprehensive as I'd not used an LG mobile before but I soon found out I had nothing to worry about, basically the software is a very close to a clean google Android install you are going to get with a few tweaks that work well with the features that the G4 has to offer. Having experience in using custom ROMs like Cyanagenmod as the built in software didn't do what I required I thought that this would soon be the case with the LG but i've not once since using this phone thought that the OS was holding me back in my user interface with the phone. Some of the best areas of the phone is something that has been lacking from my previous phones, things like the camera where the out put of photo's is simply incredible. I'm now the dedicated photo taker in my group of friends as everyone is very impressed and the quality of the images that we are getting. Another feature of the device that I love is the battery life, where as before I always seemed to be looking for the nearest plug point this hasn't been a problem when using this handset, if this ever did become a problem then you do have the ability of changing the battery in this handset but is something lacking from most of the competition nowadays. I'm also using a few accessories with the LG like the LG Infinim headset and the LG Circle case.. Both of these I would recommend. The Infinim has a lovely design, great sound quality and is very comfortable to wear even after long periods of time. the LG Circle case is also a nice addition to my phone, I've not used cases in the past as I feel it takes away the phone but with this case it has enhanced my user experience, I like the circle view that you get when double pressing the screen to revel a clock and also any notifications that are on the phone. In conclusion, I would recommend this phone to anyone, it has a lovely design, easy to use and superb build quality that rivals all the competition that is currently available. I hope you have enjoyed this review and it has made your choice of choosing your next phone an easier one. Regards A Happy LG G4 User.

  • por Harpreet Singh
  • viernes, 29 de mayo de 2015

Stunning camera with amazing quantum ips display

After using the phone for some time now i'm highly impressed. The LG G4 is the first of the smartphone in the market which has stunning quantum ips display which gives amazing visual experience on the phone. The most talked about feature of the phone which is 'camera' lived up to my expectation in fact results were better than i expected. Slim light body, curved front screen and removable back make this phone standout in the market from rest. I like that phone comes with Harman Kardon bluetooth earphone which has nice audio quality. Design: Phone has 5.5inch QHD slightly curved screen which helps watching videos & phone better. The Phone sits very nicely in the hand thanks to its curved back. Even though the phone has 5.5inch screen but compare to my Nexus 5 it's only slightly bigger thanks to great job done by lg to keep bezels really small. I have been using the phone without a case and it doesn't feel that slippery in the hands compared to when i tried Samsung S6 its metal body feels slippery. I like that the back cover is removable to access battery & also have microsd card for expansion. Back cover comes in 2 different materials, plastic & leather. Plastic back come in 3 colours grey, white, gold and the one i am using is grey plastic back diamond shape texture with brushed metal feel. And you can also get leather back cover for some extra money which come in 6 different colours like brown, black, red, yellow, sky blue & beige. The back placing volume and power button are at natural place where your finger lies for easy access. Camera: 16 MP with laser autofocus, optical image stabilization & f/1.8 aperture which is the lower compared to any smartphone in the market at the moment reproducing some stunning photos. I have been taking lot of nights shots and captured some amazing night shots. Rear camera has 3 main setting simple, auto and manual mode. I like that in manual mode you get to change white balance, iso and shutter speed to get the perfect shot you are looking after. Also it gives you option to capture the image in jpg RAW(dng) for more control with the image in photo editing softwares. Long exposure is an amazing feature to have it in the phone which made me leave my dslr camera at home for some superb shots. Front facing 8MP camera also i find very good and takes really sharp photos. Display and Audio: This is the second best feature after camera of the phone which make the visual experience better than what i have seen in any smartphone. Quantum IPS display of the phone which make the visual experience better than what i was expecting & not seen in any other smartphone. It has Quad HD 1440 x 2560 pixels screen resolution with 538PPI. The internal speaker of the phone is good enough but at high volume the quality of the bass slightly distorts, but it’s good that it comes with Harman Kardon bluetooth earphones which are really good. Performance & Battery Life: It has Snapdragon 808 64 bit hexa-core processor with its 3GB of ram is more than enough for handling multiple apps simultaneously. While playing some games like Wild Blood, Mortal Kombat X and NFS Most Wanted I noticed no lag. It comes with 32GB eMMC internal storage and with external microsd card slot for up to 128GB. Most of the time the 3,000mAh battery lasted me around 6 hours but i was very heavily using the phone for taking photos & videos with really high brightness. On a normal work day unplugging it at 7am with brightness of 60% by